Are you aware just how much antivirus has changed over the years?

What is a Modern Antivirus

Before, everyone used the same few products, and antivirus was understandable.. If a known program or file was found, it tried to remove it. These days however, it’s harder to stay ahead of the bad guys. Using hash recognition, behavior monitoring, and a variety of advanced threat detection protocols are now all encompassed under the antivirus of today.

Why do I Need it?

Antivirus is an important part of any encompassing security plan. It acts as a last line of defense when a user comes across an unknown situation. Antivirus (or antimalware) allows the user a level of comfort when installing new programs or opening attachments. It is best paired with user training and other network security devices, but an antivirus on it’s own can protect you from a vast number of threats.

How can you get antivirus under control?

A Managed Service Provider, Like Toledo Technology Solutions, is able to provide a variety of services and softwares to help with this situation. On top of providing the software, we take away the headache of updates and monitoring. Making your users safer shouldn’t be a hassle and we’re committed to making that happen.